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A Step-By-Step Guide to Increasing Revenue at Every Stage in Your Buyer Journey

My Post (33).pngLast year, ecommerce accounted for 10 percent of retail sales in the U.S., according to Statista. By 2021, it’s expected to rise to nearly 14 percent. 

More and more, U.S. shoppers are turning to the internet to make their purchases. An optimized ecommerce site is your opportunity to get as much of the market share as you can.

At this point, you’ve no doubt optimized your landing pages, product pages, and CTAs with clear, actionable copy. You’ve gotten rid of distractions and you’ve made your checkout process clear and easy.

What we’re going to talk about in this article are the other levers you can pull to maximize your ecommerce traffic. Incentives, coupons, live chat, and personalization are just a few of the tools that can help keep visitors on your site and turn them into customers (even repeat customers).

Let’s work our way through the buyer journey and talk about maximizing your web traffic at each stage.

Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is full of opportunities to nurture visitors and keep them interested in your site. There are actions you can take on your content pages and your product pages to turn visits into conversions.

Tactics for Content Pages

At the awareness stage, your visitors have most likely found you through your SEO-optimized content. They may have also found you through paid posts or Google Adwords.

Whatever path they took to find you, they’re now exploring your site for the first time. They may be reading an article on your blog that matches their search. If they searched for a particular product and you sell it, they’re now looking at your product page. They may even navigate to your about page.

1. Chat bot or live chat

Wherever they are, there should be a chat bot or live chat window ready for their questions. You should include the option to chat on any pages that attract organic or paid traffic.

SEMRush offers chat through Zendesk to answer questions on every page, from the homepage to the pricing page.

If you are a B2B ecommerce site, add an option for visitors to set up a call with a sales rep.

2. Include incentives and giveaways

This is also an opportunity to offer incentives and giveaways, and invite visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

Hubspot throws all of these things at you as you browse their blog. They want your business, so they give you a variety of options to further engage with them.

For example, halfway down a blog post, a little pop-up offers you a free 100-day plan for new marketers. All you have to do is give them your email address!

Keeps scrolling, and they include an interstitial that invites you to sign up for their newsletter. And notice how they leverage people’s desire to be part of the “in-crowd” to get you to sign up: Join 215,000 fellow marketers. (More on exclusivity later)

At the end of the post, they give you another opportunity to download their guide and get into their sales funnel.

Hubspot offers a bunch of these free tools, tailored to the topic of content you’re reading.

None of these tactics sell products directly, but they pull people further down the buyer’s journey. They will also build trust with your visitors and keep your brand top of mind.

Tactics for Product Pages

Your product pages should have chat and email options, just like your content pages. If a visitor is going to have questions, they’re most likely going to have them while they consider your products.

Product pages are also an opportunity to cross-sell products. At this stage of the buyer’s journey, you won’t know much about your visitors’ buying habits or preferences. They’ve probably only looked at a couple of pages.

But you can offer products that are similar to the one they’re viewing.

If you’ve ever been on Amazon, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But other ecommerce sites have taken a page from their book, too.

I took a look at sunscreens on CVS recently. You’ll see at the bottom of the page they gave me a list of other options in their “You Might Also Like” section. Underneath each product is a handy “Add to Cart” button. – Read more

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