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8 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

My Post (19).pngIs getting clicks your ultimate marketing goal?

Of course not, you want your site visitors to perform an action instead of just landing and moving on.

With informational content marketing, converting readers is not that easy. Site visitors come for answers, find them, and don’t have a reason to stick around.

An article doing well in terms of attracting (organic) traffic may still fail to make any difference to the business’s bottom line. In other words, you see clicks but few to no conversions (opt-ins, clicks through to your product page, etc.) from your content.

With informational #contentmarketing, converting readers is not that easy, says @seosmarty via @CMIContent. #SEO

What can be done?

I wrote on how to boost organic rankings of your old content. But how do you improve its conversions? Consider this process and these tools.

1. Find your higher-ranking pages

How much current traffic a page is generating is not quite a reliable metric to see what pages need updates. A better way to estimate any page potential is to look at its rankings.

The logic is simple: When a page ranks on page two, it may not get any clicks, but just a little push could take it to page one to see a huge traffic boost.

Ubersuggest is one of the best and easiest tools to identify pages with the highest potential to bring high-converting traffic. Simply type your domain and it shows:

  • Your current rankings
  • Other pages ranking for each keyword
  • Estimated traffic a page is getting when ranking No. 1 for this term

.@Ubersuggest is one of the easiest #tools to identify pages with the highest potential to bring high-converting traffic, says @seosmarty via @CMIContent. #SEO

This way you can find which keywords are worth pursuing and how tough the competition is likely to be:

In many cases, to get a page rank higher, these two shortcuts may be enough:

  • Link to it more internally (from other pages, from the sidebar, etc.).
  • Add your target keyword in the page title.

2. Set up conversion monitoring

Monitor your on-page clicks and interactions to understand your page visitors. How well you understand them determines your conversion optimization success. You need to know what they are looking for to serve them better.

How well you understand site visitors determines your conversion optimization success, says @seosmarty via @CMIContent. #SEO

Finteza is a free web analytics platform that makes conversion monitoring easy. You don’t have to set up complicated on-click events to track on-page clicks. You can simply use URL attributes that carry the names of your events:

#Finteza is a free web analytics platform that makes conversion monitoring easy, says @seosmarty via @CMIContent. #SEO #Tools

TIP: Don’t forget to name your events so you can easily identify them in the Finteza dashboard.

Once you create the events, you can build and save funnels to see how the traffic flows through your page and moves on to where you want it to: – Read more