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6 Google Ads Targeting Hacks to Lower CPCs and Boost Sales

My Post - 2019-07-24T111531.564.pngDo you want to keep your Google CPCs low while still reaping big rewards – heaps of converting traffic? Of course you do!

That’s the ultimate eCommerce traffic goal, isn’t it? Finding those unicorn Google campaigns that bring highly-targeted traffic packed with high-intent buyers for the least amount of spending possible.

We may all be aiming towards these unicorns campaigns, but without a good Google Ads targeting strategy, getting there can be easier said than done. And how do you tweak your strategy to lower CPCs? We’ve got just the Google Ads targeting tips and hacks for you, whether you’re totally new to Google Ads or a seasoned marketing expert who needs ideas to improve your stats.

Google Ad Targeting Hack 1: Go Deep With Your Remarketing Audiences (Basic)

We know that remarketing campaigns can be fantastic for your bottom line. The secret to Google remarketing campaign success, though, is being as detailed as possible with your remarketing lists. Let’s say you’re running a campaign that targets previous traffic that visited your home page. The results may be okay, but to really win, you want to narrow down that targeting further.

Instead, you could segment your targeting to those visitors who visited your home page and a specific product page or category. This way, you can tailor your messaging to traffic that has shown interest multiple times. The more segmented and specific you are, the lower your CPCs and the higher your chances of conversions will be.

Newbie Tip: If you are brand new to Google Ads, head over to our step-by-step Google Ads Remarketing guide.

So, how do you drill down targeting for your Google remarketing campaigns? The first place you want to look is Google Analytics, for your traffic flows/behavior.

With these flows, you can get an inside look into the routes your traffic is taking once they get to your site. This data is very valuable as it allows you to create more defined remarketing segments and refine your messaging – making your campaign more personalized. In a nutshell, the smaller (more segmented) your audience is, the higher your chances of conversion at a lower cost. – Read more