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5 Reasons you should already be keeping a journal

I’m a huge believer in keeping a regular journal. Whether that’s for personal thoughts or for merely recording business decisions and plans you’re making for the future. The act of simply capturing your thoughts down on “paper” can have a amazing impact on your life. Still not convinced? Keep on reading…..

  1. Communication — Regular writing can dramatically improve your communication skills. As much as we may have been sold a future of video conferencing and hoverbikes, the truth is people have stuck doggedly to the written word. Don’t believe me? Try, effectively, getting your point across in 140 characters or less without practice.

  2. Perspective — Keeping a regular record of your thoughts and logic behind decisions is a powerful tool in building your business. We all know that leadership can be a lonely existence, you can take great comfort in reading how you overcame adversity in the past. Sometimes just the realization that you’ve been here before, is all it takes to get you over the finishing line.

  3. Reflection — Writing has the potential to introduce a natural buffer, before taking action. Think of how many times you’ve sent an email in anger only to regret it moments later. Writing to yourself gives you time to reflect and potential prevent taking regretful action. You can always press send in the morning, after a good proof read.

  4. Habit forming — Writing on daily basis forces you to create a new positive habit. The ability to form new habits and establish new routines is a key ingredient of living a healthier more productive life. People generally fail at eating more healthily or exercising regularly, because they lack the ability to introduce a new habit / routine into their existing lifestyle. Writing by its very nature creates a record of how well your new habit is being established.

  5. Zen….like — Writing is an amazing way to get to really know yourself. Talking to yourself in the third person can be a great form of self therapy. You quickly begin to recognise patterns in your moods. How you feel during times of the day, and even seasons, when your decision making abilities can be compromised. Understanding the way you think and behave in given situations allows you to manage yourself more effectively.

You’ve got time!

I’ve lost count of how many people tell me they just don’t have time to spend on writing. It’s simply not true. Today, with the tools available to us, we have the ability to write whenever the mood takes us. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different apps that can really help get you started. I’m happy to share my experiences and advice, just fire your questions to @jamesketchell