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5 Last Minute Conversion Tips Before the Holiday Season

My Post - 2019-11-19T152753.898.pngHow to Quickly Boost Conversion Rates for Your Online Store

If you’re an ecommerce owner, you’re probably looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

You’re planning your marketing campaigns carefully, maybe hiring new people to help, and waiting for more traffic to come. But you may also think it’s too late to do anything with your website to boost sales.

If that’s the case, I have good news for you! There are plenty of small tips you can follow to boost sales this holiday season.

As a UX consultant helping ecommerce businesses increase their sales, I’ve been using data analysis and A/B testing to turn visitors into buyers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big player with a lot of traffic and thousands of reviews or you’re just taking your first baby steps in the ecommerce world – you can incrementally improve your conversion rates. And you don’t have to turn everything upside down and redesign the whole site.

In this article I will showcase a couple of real-life examples that you can use as inspiration to get the most out of the increased traffic during the upcoming months.

1. Product Page: Highlight Your Strengths

Your marketing campaigns are driving traffic to the product pages. Let’s take a look at them and analyse the options potential buyers have.

Having a choice between your store and your competitors is very convenient for consumers but let’s think about how they make the final decision?

It’s not always about the price! Safety very often comes first. Especially during the stressful holiday season – people care about timely delivery, great customer support, and a high product quality.

Letting them know you guarantee these will remove any possible doubts and convince them they should buy from you.

Real-World Example

For one of our clients, we ran a test in which we added our clients’ competitive advantages to the product page, right below the “Add to cart” button. This simple change alone increased the number of people adding to cart as well as sales. – Read more

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