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4 Stupid Simple Ways To Increase Product Page Conversions (Today)

My Post - 2019-07-23T185957.488.pngEverybody is always looking for the next great marketing hack. 

The next great tactic that is going to skyrocket their sales and company growth.

That one glorified A/B test to change everything…

But more often than not, this leads to neglecting key factors that we know impact sales.

Product pages don’t need to be fancy, and simple tweaks don’t always net big results.

Instead, you should be focusing on the forest, not the individual trees.

Here are four stupid simple ways to increase product page conversions TODAY.

1. Speed and Usability are Everything

When optimizing product pages, more often than not we focus on things of less importance.

Things like our call-to-action button color or copy. Small one-off tactics we saw in the latest case study.

But these are generally a waste of time if you aren’t hitting the key elements of successful product pages.

And one of the biggest (in impact and amount neglected) is uptime, page speed, and usability.

Don’t believe it?

According to BigCommerce, a simple one second delay in page load time results in a 7% conversion rate drop. “For an online store earning $50,000 a day, that one-second delay adds up to more than $1 million in lost sales each year.”

And according to Google, the average site in every industry is far too slow: – Read more