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4 Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

Are you ready to use pay-per-click ads for your business? Keep reading for some helpful tips to get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

Approximately 65 percent of all clicks made by searchers who are ready to make a purchase go to paid advertising (i.e., pay-per-click ads). In fact, these ads are what helped to generate the bulk of Google’s revenue in the past year.

Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t aware they can actually pay Google less and get better results. If you want to maximize your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and squeeze as much as you can out of every marketing penny, use the tips and information here.

After more than a decade working in the marketing industry and fine-tuning multiple PPC campaigns, I have found specific strategies and efforts that provide the desired results. Now, I will share these with you.

Determine Your Goals Before Creating a Campaign

Consider the specific action you want your searchers to take. This may be to call your store, visit a landing page, fill out your online form, buy a product, or learn more about your services. How are you going to measure this?

The best way to measure this is by tracking the conversions you achieve. Also, when you know what the end goal is, you will also know if your PPC marketing efforts are effective.

Determine If You Want Your Ad to Show Up in the Display Network or the Search Network

The search network is where your ads will appear in Google and in search engines that have partnered with Google. On the other hand, the display network lets your ads appear on thousands of websites in the Google Display Network, which shows Google Ads. If you are planning to run your ad in both, do so using separate campaigns.

It is important to note that one option is not necessarily better than the other, but one may be more effective for your specific niche than the other. You need to figure out where your target customers are, and then target that area with your PPC campaigns.

Use Geo-Targeting

When creating PPC ad campaigns, every dollar counts. This means you should take advantage of Google’s targeting feature— especially for targeting customers in specific geographic areas. You can use the targeting tool to consider factors such as page structure, link structure, language, and text. It will also help to determine the central themes of every webpage and then target ads based on the topic selections you have made.

Select the Proper Match Types

When setting up your ad campaign, there are four main match types you can choose from. These include:

  • Exact Match: The searcher must type in the specific keyword you have selected to see your ad.
  • Broad Match: With this, Google determines the search queries that are relevant to the keyword you have selected.
  • Phrase Match: The keyword must appear in the same order as the search query for your ad to appear.
  • Broad Match Modifier: Involves a mix of phrase and broad match and lets Google know the order that must be present for your ad to appear.
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