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21% of People Are Using Voice Search Every Week

My Post (45).pngA new study reveals the rate at which people are adopting voice search to find local business information.

Location marketing technology company Uberall has released a report surveying 1,000 consumers to learn more about how they’re using voice search.

Here are some key findings from the study.

How often do people use voice search?

Results found that 21% of respondents are using voice search every week:

  • 11% of people use voice search at least once a week
  • 9.8% of people use voice search every day

However, there’s still a far greater number of people who have never used voice search (57%).

Based on these results, people are either using voice search frequently or not at all.

Why do some people not use voice search?

When respondents were asked why they don’t use voice search, they said they’re either not used to it (23.2%), they don’t feel that it is efficient (19.7%), or they do not feel that it is accurate enough (13.5%).

Even if people have never used voice search, they still understand the importance of it. – Read more