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10 Amazing Tips to Write Better Mobile PPC Ads

My Post (65).pngIn the not-so-distant past, PPC managers created multiple campaigns divided up by device to easily differentiate and customize messages to desktop and mobile users.

Now, device targeting is streamlined. We can use a one-size-fits-all approach to ensure ads are shown on mobile devices with little effort.

But does one size fit all?

In gaining convenience, some of us advertisers may have become a bit lazy in customizing our mobile ads to bring their customers the best mobile experience.

For example, someone searching for an Italian restaurant on their desktop might be interested in the menu, so the ad should be written accordingly.

But the same search on a mobile device might be best served by an ad with messaging that includes the restaurant’s location and hours of operation.

Take the Time to Customize Your Mobile PPC Ads

Doing so is incredibly beneficial.

How do you do it?

First, define your mobile value proposition and how that messaging will vary from general desktop ads experience.

For example, a mobile ad might include mobile ordering, store locator, connect with customer service, apps/games, mobile appointments, etc.

Second, whenever there is a mobile device preference box to select for an ad or ad extension – take it! This means serving the ads on mobile will be given preference. If this isn’t immediately visible, look under “advanced options”.

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising offer the ability to use a mobile URL, allowing you to land searchers on a webpage that is optimized for smaller devices and mobile functionality.

Overall, a mobile ad will contain various elements. You’ll want to optimize each of the following 10 elements to improve the ROI of your mobile PPC ads. – Read more

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